Cattleya leuddemanniana

Orchid name cheat sheet

An orchid by any other name?

Every orchid has 2-4 parts to its name: Genus, Species, Cultivar, Award if any.

  • Part 1: Genus – there are hundreds of genera in the orchid family. Family ones are vandas, cattelya, papaphiopedilum, oncidium.
  • Part 2: Species or Grex – there are thousands of species (nature made) and grex (man-made as in hybrids). That’s what the second part of the name describes.
  • Part 3: Cultivar or Clonal – orchids designated as superior have a cultivar or clonal attached to its name.
  • Part 4: Award – if there is a 4th part of the name, it is an award. AM/AOS means the orchid has received an Award of Merit from the American Orchid Society.

So, the beautiful orchid above is called a C. luedemanniana ‘Arthur Chadwick’ AM/AOS which means it’s cattleya genus, luedemanniana species grown by Arthurs Chadwick and won an Award of Merit from the American Orchid Society.

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